Short House


Short House grew out of a desire to connect artists, create opportunities to exhibit, host performances, and cultivate meaningful conversations. Short House is a curatorial project started by artist Michelle Chong. Founded in 2007, Short House began in a small 3-bedroom house in the Los Angeles neighborhood, Mar Vista on Short Avenue. Since then, Short House moved to Berlin for a few engagements, popped up in Copenhagen, London, Joshua Tree, and Baltimore. This year, Short House will celebrate its 10-year anniversary back in Mar Vista, Los Angeles. 

(Background image: Eric Sarbach in Peak Experiences, Joshua Tree, CA, 2015)

Supporters List

Special thanks to the following supporters. With their generous donations Short House was able to produce the exhibition Tip the Wink at The Institute of Jamais Vu in London. Big XOXO


Marya Alford

Steven Bankhead

Sam Belkowitz

Doug & Diane Chong

Ken & Pam Chong

Richard & Roze Chong

Robert Chong

Andrew K. Currey

Dorit Cypis

Roy Dowell

Dana Duff

Ed Gomez

Scott Grieger

Art Gutierrez

Lena Gutierrez

Lori Hill

Nick Jones

Annetta Kapon

Farrah Karapetian

Soo Kim

Maggie Lomeli

Matthew Lord

Matt MacFarland

Sarah Morton

Sophia Nurani

Chris Oatey

Renee Petropoulos

Calvin Phelps

Tom Pine

Tony Rasmussen

Ann Summa

Haruko Tanaka

Jessica York