Short House


Short House grew out of a desire to connect artists, create opportunities to exhibit, host performances, and cultivate meaningful conversations. Short House is a curatorial project started by artist Michelle Chong. Founded in 2007, Short House began in a small 3-bedroom house in the Los Angeles neighborhood, Mar Vista on Short Avenue. Short House then moved to Berlin for a few engagements, popped up in Copenhagen, London, Joshua Tree, and Baltimore. In 2017, Short House celebrated its 10-year anniversary with its final exhibition, back where it all started in Mar Vista. 

(Background image: Eric Sarbach in Peak Experiences, Joshua Tree, CA, 2015)

Short House is a curatorial project that focuses on growing a community and exchanging ideas. Founded in 2007, by Los Angeles-based artist Michelle Chong, Short House began out of the artist's home by transforming a 3-bedroom house and garage into an exhibition space. Through collaboration with other artists, Chong began to organize exhibitions, performances and workshops by emerging artists. 

In 2009, Short House moved to Berlin and joined Kolonie Wedding, a non-profit organization and community of artist-run project spaces aimed at presenting experimental work from emerging and international artists. Since then, Short House has become a transient art space, collaborating with permanent spaces throughout Europe and the US. to produce exhibitions and social “hitherings.” Like making up new words,  sometimes it works, and when it does a story begins to grow...